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Prefabricated Houses with new designs for you...

irrtitrade caravans, with its experience in prefabricated houses, offers new innovative and modern houses models that reflect customers’ tastes. With our new modular houses models that take into consideration customers' expectations you will find what you are looking for. When you look from outside you will notice the aesthetic design prepared by our expert designers, while you will find functional and comfortable living spaces inside thanks to the ergonomic house plan. Our prefabricated houses are produced inside factory by means of high technology with solderless production system that uses screws instead of welding. With our prefabricated houses aesthetic design, comfortable and functional usage, production quality we have no doubt that you will be satisfied.

Single Storey Prefab Houses

irrtitrade caravans uses professional, innovative, and modern designs in prefabricated single-storey ready-to-use houses. With experience and knowledge in the industry, ergonomic designs with maximum usage area are manufactured in modern facilities with long service life and then assembled onsite by irrtitrade caravans’s Professional teams. irrtitrade caravans continuously increases its manufacturing quality thanks to the experience it is gaining from international markets. In addition to that irrtitrade caravans depends on its own capital investment and this is reflected in better prices for its customers.

If you are looking for professionalism and confidence in order to own a long life house with reasonable budget possibilities and modern design then irrtitrade caravans is your right choice.

Double Storey Prefab Houses

As a world leader, irrtitrade caravans offers two-storey prefabricated ready-to-use house designs prepared by experienced architects and engineers as villa type houses. With our duplex houses you will experience aesthetic architecture, ergonomic design, and international quality. irrtitrade caravans prefabricated houses are pre-produced within modern production facilities according to international quality standards, then they are assembled onsite by our Professional assembling teams and delivered to customer ready to use. You can easily own modern modular duplex prefabricated houses of irrtitrade caravans with their aesthetic view, quality, and affordable prices.