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Workforce Site Camps

At irrtitrade caravans Modular Workforce Camps Services, we appreciate the value our team of dedicated professionals brings to each of our global customers. Dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable products and services, our more than 250 skilled employees work with customers to understand their needs and challenges.

We have unrivalled experience in this field, from mining camps in the South africa senegal Gold Fields and thousands of metres above mediterranean level in libya, oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan, Iraq and Algeria to major construction projects in USA and Qatar. We are on the ground working with our clients and managing their projects since the designing stage of the facilities and until we bring the buildings to the site according to the plan, within the budget and on time.


Prefab Portable Office

irrtitrade caravans, as a leading manufacturer of prefabricated structures produces office and administration buildings with functional usage and ergonomic design. With their long-lasting structures, prefabricated office and administration buildings models are produced with high technology at short time then delivered and installed on-site as ready to use.

Whether for domenstic market or abroad, irrtitrade caravans has implemented many management offices buildings and among those are: headquarters offices, municipality building, sales offices, publicity office, construction site management office, branch manager's office, health clinic, local government offices and many other offices solutions.

Prefabricated Dining Halls

We produce prefabricated hygienic mess halls solutions according to international standards. Our dining halls can be ideal forworksites, schools, hospitals and social facilities.

Our prefabricated mess halls are produced at high level of sound and heat insulation. According to number of users our mess halls are designed with required space and functions such as cellar, dining hall, dining room, kitchen and other sections and can be used comfortably in severe summer and winter weather conditions. Our mess halls are preferred by work camps, schools, hospitals, social houses, military buildings, international centres and condominiums and spa facilities.